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Spectacular Pools Design Tips from Ottawa Pool Companies

When it comes to trends, why should fashion and home design have all the fun and fame? Indeed, design experts know their clients can be amazed at what is possible in the luxurious world of custom pool design trends.

You might have seen pictures of them in magazines, but did you know Ottawa pool companies can also make some of these incredible pool designs come true? No need to travel to a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean or French Riviera to enjoy a dip in such great style.

If you plan on building a pool for family enjoyment, or you wish to entertain likes of a dignitary, consider one of the following design trends for your pool.

The Beach Entry

Many homeowners will ask Ottawa pool companies whether they can build a pool with a beach entry, also known in the industry as “zero-entry”. A beach entry area of a pool is a slope which gradually takes you from the interlock or stone, to the deeper end of the pool.

Essentially replacing stairs, it is simply the most graceful way to enter a pool. A beach entry is also a fantastic way for people with reduced mobility to be able to feel the joy of a refreshing dip in the water without having to climb up stairs once they are done.

Chasing Waterfalls

A hot trend in pools today is the incorporation of waterfall designs, which will simply add a spectacular touch to any backyard. Rarely can a pool design element be this soothing and fun at the same time!

If you wish to incorporate a waterfall to your existing or future pool, you might gain in esthetic appeal by choosing a stone waterfall structure which matches your stone interlocking and overall backyard landscaping.
Luckily, the best Ottawa pool companies offer landscaping and stone interlocking as well.

Why Not Sit In Your Pool?

For a truly decadent touch, you can always design a pool seating area to transform your already incredible earthly oasis into a heavenly piece of paradise. Pool furniture, such as special reclining chairs for example, are only one of the options you have if you are interested in exploring the new and exciting sphere of pool seating furniture.
If having a bar-area in your pool is part of your design, you can easily find bar stools to install in your pool for a truly flavorful addition!

Fun in the sun is always stylish, so why not embrace the trend of custom pool design today?

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