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Pool closing means getting ready for heavy snowfall here in Canada!

Pool Care Tips for Heavy Snowfall

Here are Some Tips to Keep Your Pool Protected after Pool Closing Season

After you’ve completed your pool closing process, you still need to keep an eye on your pool throughout the off-season. One winter culprit that can damage your pool cover and pool structure is snow. With constant heavy snowfall, you will need to keep it from piling up on your pool cover.

With enough snowfall, the weight of ice and snow can damage your pool cover and your pool. Too much weight will cause your cover to stretch and the cover’s cord will tighten. For inground pools, the weight will cause the cover anchors to pop out and damage the pool’s coping.

During your pool closing, make sure to keep enough water in your pool—at least 18 inches—to protect your pool and cover during the winter months. Also, leave one to three inches of water on top of your pool cover to prevent wind damage.

For additional pool safety measures, consider the following tips and contact pool closing experts to help you protect your pool all winter long.

Safely Remove Snow

For your own safety and the structure of your pool cover, avoid walking on top of your pool cover to remove the snow. Instead, use a long broom to gently push the snow off. You can also use a roof rake to pull the snow off the top, or a leaf blower if the snow is lightweight. Do not use anything with sharp edges that could damage your pool cover, such as a shovel.

Remove Excess Water with a Pump

Use a small electric pool pump to remove meltwater from your pool cover. This will help keep the weight off your cover and prevent damage to your pool. Also, removing excess water will prevent untreated water from entering your pool which could cause damage. Unbalanced water can damage the pool’s liner—i.e., by causing scaling—and can also contribute to algae growth.

Check the Water Level

If your pool experiences water displacement, make sure to fill it up with a hose to prevent damage to the pool and liner. Keep an eye on the water level throughout the winter, and maintain an ideal level to support your cover if it starts getting weighed down by snow and ice. But do not add water if the pool water is frozen.

Keep Your Cover Clean

Remove any debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt that accumulate on your pool cover. Debris can weigh down your cover over time and clog your cover pump. Sharp twigs can damage your cover, causing tears, and if any dirt gets into the pool, it will be at risk of unbalanced water, bacteria growth, and algae blooms.

Cut the Cord

In the worst case scenario, if the snow has piled up too much and it seems too heavy for the cord to hold, cut the cord and let the cover fall into your pool. While this isn’t ideal, it will prevent damage to your pool from the cord tightening and pulling inwards.

If you’re worried about snow piling up on your pool cover this winter, keep these tips in mind and contact the pool closing experts for assistance. Snow can get quite heavy, so avoid the potential damage to your pool and prevent the snow from piling up.

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