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5 Buying Tips from Ottawa Pool Companies

Whether You’re an Aspiring Olympian or Just Like to Relax, Pool Companies in Ottawa Can Meet Your Needs

If you’re thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard, most Ottawa pool companies will suggest you put a lot of thought into the decision before you buy. Everything from how the pool will likely be used, to your budget will affect what kind of pool is right for you. With the following five tips from local pool companies, Ottawa residents can make informed decisions when it comes to their new backyard fixtures.

1. Inground or Semi-Inground?

Based on your budget and backyard terrain, this should be determined before anything else – Semi-inground pools are less expensive but are more limited in use, depth, and size than an fully-inground pool. An inground pool will cost you more, but you’ll be able to customize it in every conceivable way.

2. How will you use your pool?

The next thing to consider before visiting local Ottawa pool companies is, how do you intend to use your pool? Are you going to be swimming laps? You may want a pool that’s long but not so deep. If your teenagers, who are growing like weeds, are going to be using it, then a deeper pool with a diving board might be ideal. How you use it factors directly into the next consideration…

3. Size and Shape

How big your pool is depends on both its intended use, and how much space you have to work with. Most pool companies in Ottawa recommend a rectangular shape if you want to get the most square-footage possible – but if you are less limited for space, you can have more fun with the design. Size and shape will also play into what type of construction you should get – fiberglass pools are limited to smaller sizes, but vinyl liner and concrete constructions can get very big, and both are very versatile for design.

4. Maintenance

According to Ottawa pool companies, maintenance can become the most expensive and difficult part of owning a pool. However, there are ways to make the maintenance less of a drain on the wallet and the clock. Over-all, fiberglass pools are the least labour-intensive. Vinyl liner models require a fresh liner every ten years, while concrete models frequently need renewed plastering. Other things that affect maintenance include whether you use salt or chlorine in the water, and what kind of filtration system you employ.

5. Cost

This may seem obvious, but the most important thing is your budget. Each choice you make on your future pool will affect the cost, and you may have to consider mixing and matching different variables until you find a configuration that balances meeting your needs with affordability. If you get stuck, many pool companies in Ottawa like our friends at Campbell Pools will gladly help you find the right pool for your home!  You can even read their article on cost of inground pools on their blog.

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