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Automatic Safety Covers: How to Effectively Improve Your Pool’s Safety

How Automatic Safety Pool Covers for Inground Pools Keep Pools Safe & Clean

One of the best pool-related investments you could have is an automatic safety cover. Pool safety covers give you peace of mind knowing that your pool is covered and secure. Plus, they help you save on operating costs and maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it.

Here’s how automatic safety pool covers for inground pools keep your pool safe and why they are such a fantastic investment for your pool enjoyment.


An automatic pool safety cover is a barrier made of strong and durable materials that covers the water in a pool. Safety covers are custom-made to fit pools perfectly, providing a secure seal that won’t let anything pass through.

Automatic safety covers are made and installed to keep children and animals out of the pool when it is not in use. But they also provide the added benefits of keeping pools clean and warm.


Automatic pool covers use tracks and a drive mechanism to glide open and closed. There are three types of track systems used for automatic pool covers—the under track, the recessed top track, and the deck mount.

The type of track system used in a pool safety cover installation will depend on the shape of the pool and whether the track is installed during pool installation or on an existing pool.

Under Track System

The under track system is usually installed on rectangular pools. This track system is used with a drive mechanism mounted below grade in a covered box.

To keep the track out of sight for a clean look, the track is mounted under the coping, either by anchoring it to the underside of the coping or by encapsulation—when the coping is poured or installed on top of an aluminum encapsulation during pool building to secure it in place.

Recessed Top Track System

The recessed top track system works for pools of all shapes, including freeform pools.

Like the undertrack system, the recessed top track system has a drive mechanism in a covered box mounted below grade. But the track is installed outside of the pool on the pool deck or along the sides of the pool.

Deck Mount System

Deck mount systems are used for existing pools. With this system, the drive mechanism and a low-profile track are mounted on top of the pool deck. Often, a bench will be installed on top of the drive mechanism to hide and protect the mechanism while providing convenient seating by the pool.


Savings in Operating Costs

By closing an automatic safety cover when the pool isn’t in use, it can help you save on pool operating costs.

Pool safety covers reduce water evaporation by up to 90% since these covers prevent sunlight from getting in. As a result, you will save on water costs that would be required for refilling your pool.

And you will save on pool chemicals that won’t be lost with evaporation. Pool safety covers reduce the amount of chemicals used by 70%.

These covers also reduce pool heating costs by up to 70% since the cover retains heat instead of allowing heat to rise and escape the pool water. And due to the passive solar heat collected by pool covers, your pool can stay warmer for longer, and you can enjoy a longer pool season.

Pool covers also help reduce overall electricity costs by 50%.


Automatic safety covers are easy to use at any time. Simply flip a switch, and your cover will open and close automatically within one minute.

These hassle-free covers require minimal effort and time since you won’t have to drag a heavy cover on and off your pool with each use or wait to have someone help you with the cover.

The fast opening time means you won’t ever have to wait long to use your pool, making these covers incredibly convenient.

Maintain a Clean Pool

Since automatic safety covers can cover a pool in under a minute, the prompt covering of the pool when it is no longer in use helps seal out dirt, debris, and insects. As a result, your pool will stay cleaner, and you won’t have to spend as much time or money cleaning your pool, especially after it has been closed for the winter.


Automatic safety pool covers for inground pools are essential for safety. These covers prevent children and animals from getting in the pool unsupervised. So, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pool is safe when not in use.


Before you have an automatic safety cover installed on your pool, keep these things in mind:

Water Measurement

The distance between the pool cover guide and the surface of the water should be no more than four inches. The cover guide should be as close to the water as possible.

Drag or Resistance

Automatic safety covers will move smoothly over water. But these covers will experience resistance if moving over dry surfaces, such as across spa walls and large radius corners.

Switch Location

The safety cover switch should be installed about halfway between the mechanism end of the cover and the middle of the pool, and no more than 12 feet from the edge of the water. This location will ensure that you can see the entire pool while opening and closing the cover.


The cover housing should have a large enough drain to prevent flooding and damage to motor parts and components. Drainpipes that are smaller than 3 inches are not recommended. A 3-inch drain is ideal. However, a 4-inch drain is even better. And additional drains can also be used to further prevent the risk of flooding.

Large Pools = Custom Cover

If your pool has a width that is larger than 24 feet, then you will likely need a custom-made safety cover to adequately cover your pool.


Q: Can you stand on a pool cover? And can you walk on automatic pool covers?

A: Yes. Coverstar safety covers are designed to support the weight of several adults. But, to keep it in good condition, you should avoid walking and standing on your cover.

Q: How do you repair a pool cover?

A: First, refer to your owner’s manual for information on maintenance and repairs. You may need a professional to replace parts and fabric that wear down over time.

Q: Are automatic pool covers safe?

A: Yes. Pool safety cover manufacturers design these covers with safety in mind to keep children and animals out of the pool when it is not in use. The on/off switch is housed in a lockable compartment, so when the cover is in the closed position, you can remove the key and prevent unauthorized use of your pool.

Spend less time cleaning and worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it this summer with an automatic pool safety cover for your inground pool.

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