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Pool repair tips from damage caused by Ottawa's harsh winter.

Pool Repairs for Winter Damage

How You Can Get Started on Pool Repairs Immediately While Waiting for the Pros

The long, cold winter season can be hard on pools. Even with the right pool closing steps and precautions, you can’t always protect your pool from the harsh winter weather. If you notice any damage to your pool this winter, contact the specialists in pool repairs immediately. For extra precaution, consider these tips to prevent further damage.

In-Ground Pool Damage

Pool leaks are a common occurrence in the winter. When the water freezes, there is a chance that the ice sheets will fall and tear a pool’s vinyl liner. And since these liners keep the water inside the pool, any tears will cause water to leak out.

Once the water level drops from a leak, the weight of accumulated snow will pull down the pool cover into the pool. When the cover sinks, there are more risks for tearing the liner, while also damaging the cover springs, hardware, pool walls, and coping.

You will need to call the experts in pool repairs to get a new vinyl liner installed. But they may recommend waiting until the winter is over to begin this repair. In the meantime, try to keep as much water in your pool as possible. The water will protect the bottom of your pool and your pool structure from further damage in the winter.

Pool Plumbing Damage

When pool pipes have water left in them, they will freeze and be at risk of cracking during the winter. This damage is costly to repair, and the repairs might eat into your swimming time next summer. So, to prevent your pipes from freezing in winter, make sure you winterize them properly. A professional can manage this pool closing procedure for you to ensure that your pool will be protected throughout the long, cold winter months.

To ensure your pool liner will continue to protect your pool during the winter, inspect it for any damage, replace it if it’s old, and balance your water levels during pool closing. Balanced pH levels will prevent further damage to your liner—such as scaling—and keep your liner in good condition for longer.

The moment you notice a leak or any other damage to your pool, call for pool repairs and follow these precautions to keep the damage from getting worse this winter.

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