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Pool opening is just the start of summertime pool maintenance.

Summertime Pool Maintenance

Opening and Maintaining Your Pool the Right Way

Summer is officially here in Ottawa, and with the blistering heat comes the added joy of taking a refreshing dip in your pool. After hiring a professional pool opening service to open your pool and get it read for the season, you’ve likely been happily enjoying the benefits of your pool for a little while now.

Unfortunately, a one-time inspection during your pool opening won’t tide you over until fall, so you’ll need to know what to check for during the summer to ensure your pool is running optimally and safely. Contacting a pool opening service professional is a great first step, but here are a few other things that should be checked once you’ve opened your pool for the summer:

Proper Chemical Balance

One of the most frustrating parts of pool ownership is ensuring your pool maintains a proper chemical balance. You should keep an eye on the pH levels, alkalinity, and chlorine levels in your pool. Remove any debris and dirt that has collected before any chlorination or overnight filtrations. And of course, monitor your pool’s chemical balance through the season, and adjust accordingly.

Check Your Equipment

Be sure to check any reconnect filters, pumps, heaters, and plugs regularly. Worn or damaged components should be replaced or repaired wherever possible. . Keeping equipment running properly will save you from work and headaches down the road. Pool opening service professionals are extremely knowledgeable about this equipment and can ensure you have the   most up-to-date equipment possible.

Leaks And Drains

Having a leaky pool is a major annoyance and a waste of energy and efficiency. If you think your pool has a leak, be sure to check the whole pool to find it. If you’d rather leave this job to a professional, pool service experts will scour the ins-and-outs of your pool to make sure everything is sealed properly.

A worry-free pool season can let you focus on the good things in life – like enjoying your pool. Staying on top of these maintenance basics will let you spend more time in the pool and less time worrying. If you have any questions or concerns about maintenance after your pool opening, don’t hesitate to contact your local pool service professionals to help you out.

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