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Ottawa Pool Services Say, “Play Safe!”

Apply These Safety Tips from Pool Companies in Ottawa at Home for a Safe Swim

Ottawa pool services know that there is nothing more important to your swimming experience than the safety of every person in and around the pool. It pays to have a safety policy in place around your private pool, and to be mindful of different possibly dangerous scenarios. The following are some of the best swimming safety tips collected by pool companies in Ottawa over the years.

Be Smart with Your Enclosure

There are very specific By-law regulations for enclosures in Ottawa, and pool services recommend making sure you follow them as closely as possible—and then some. A By-law-compliant enclosure is at least 1.5 metres tall, and includes a self-closing latch and a lock. This helps prevent not only young children from entering unsupervised, but also trespassers who might become a liability. If you have children, be careful about storing the key to the pool enclosure where they cannot find or reach it without your permission.

Don’t Let Anyone Swim Alone

It can be tempting to go for a midnight swim all by yourself—the quiet solitude can be so relaxing. But if you slip and hit your head, who will come to your aid? The truth is, no one should ever swim without someone around who either knows how to perform basic life-saving, or who has quick access to a telephone to call emergency services.

Take Lessons—Of All Kinds

While it can be tempting to let your kids float in lifejackets and water wings forever, most Ottawa pool companies recommend promoting them to be strong, confident swimmers themselves. Many public pools offer lessons that will strengthen skills and teach vigilance and pool safety on the side, too. And lessons aren’t just a good idea for children, either—having at least one adult in your household take a course in lifeguarding would pay for itself many times over with the peace of mind you’ll gain.

Apply Common Sense

A fun day at the pool isn’t something you want to put too much thought into—but a watchful and vigilant mind is the best defense against accidents and drownings. If you see your children engaging in rough or boisterous play that can result in accidents, reinforce the importance of being careful, and remind them not to run around the pool deck. Slowly, these lessons will sink in.

It’s also important not to leave home electronics, like speakers, near the water, to prevent electrical shock. Talk to a trusted Ottawa pool service specialist about waterproof stereos or other products that are safe to keep around the pool area.

Play safe, and remember, if you need safety-related products or information, pool companies in Ottawa are always glad to help.

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