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Ottawa Pool Services Answer Heated Pool FAQs

Everything You Need to Know about Heated Pools, Courtesy of Pool Companies in Ottawa

Do you have a swimming pool at your home? Are you thinking about installing one? In either case, have you considered the benefits and possibilities of a heated pool? Local Ottawa pool services can install heated models or renovate an existing pool to add heat to it, if you so please. Whether by use of a heat pump or a gas heating system, there are a number of benefits to heated pools. Below, pool companies from Ottawa will explain not only these benefits, but also how to properly maintain and operate a heated pool.

The Benefits of a Heated System

How much use do you currently get out of your pool during the year? Ottawa’s summers aren’t exactly long. You might get to swim as early as June until the first week of September, with a short window in each day where the water feels “just right.” Then it’s closed until the next summer, and that’s that. With a heated swimming pool comes the potential to extend the swimming season, from spring into mid-autumn, and the freedom to swim comfortably at any time of day. You can also keep the water at a steady 26 degrees Celsius—the ideal temperature for swimming athletically—or even higher, making the water more soothing to the muscles and promoting consistent circulation. If you’re still not convinced, Ottawa pool services insist that a heated pool is also much better for young children and seniors, who may be susceptible to respiratory illness if exposed to persistently chilly and damp conditions.

Getting the Most from Your Heated Pool

One of the first things pool companies in Ottawa recommend for your heated pool is that you invest in a good cover. Your pool will lose the most heat through its surface, and an insulated solar cover is the best defense against heat loss. Combined with smart operation of the heating unit, this can maximize the energy efficiency of your pool by cutting overnight temperature decreases in half.

As for the operation of the heating unit, do not believe what some people will try to tell you—running it 24/7 is a waste of energy and money. It actually takes little time to heat it to the desired temperature; even less time if you used a pool cover as mentioned above.

Maintaining the Heater

Both gas and electric heaters can typically go long stretches without needing to be repaired. However, if you do find your heater requiring service (e.g. due to buildup of calcium deposits) do not attempt to DIY it unless you are a professional. Contact your local Ottawa pool services. Pool companies in Ottawa employ experienced and knowledgeable staff who have the proper training and tools to handle anything your pool heater throws at them!

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