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Colourful cupcakes and other finger foods are displayed on a table next to a backyard swimming pool for a party.

Make a Splash With a Summer Pool Party

Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun Takes a Bit of Planning

What’s the best way to have fun in the summer? A pool party, of course!

If you’ve got a pool, there’s no better way to enjoy some fun in the sun than with If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then you should share the wealth this summer with your closest friends and family by throwing a pool party.

Before you even start planning, though, you need to make sure you’ve addressed any pool repair and maintenance needs. Working with the pros at HB Pools can get your backyard oasis ready for company and ensure everything’s in tip-top shape before you entertain.

Of course, pool parties need planning.

That’s why we’ve put together some fun and helpful tips to make sure you make a splash with your next pool party!

Invitations and Theme

Most of the time, “pool party” is plenty of theme on its own. That said, maybe you’re looking for a different sort of feel. Since pool parties are usually informal, consider sending out e-mail invitations.

Make the type of party clear in the invitation so guests know what to expect.

For example, if you write “cocktails by the pool,” guests will know that this isn’t a kid-friendly event.

If you write “bring only your bathing suit and your appetite,” you are informing your guests that they will have a relaxing time and you will be serving food and drinks.

Think about sending out invitations that match the theme of your pool party, such as:

  • Cute invitations for casual and children’s pool parties
  • Elegant invitations for fancy pool parties
  • Beach theme invitations

Decorations and Playlists

To enhance the atmosphere of your party, decorate to match your theme. For a tropical or beach feel, consider tiki torches, tropical fruit decorations, and fake palm trees.

Any bright-coloured decorations will add a pop of fun to the party. And don’t forget pool inflatables. These are both decorative and practical for those who want to float around.

For even more pool decorations, consider adding balloons to float around in the pool.

For a more upscale party, consider decorating using a colour theme like black and white, and ask guests to wear swimsuits that match the theme.

You can also decorate modestly with a few vases of flowers. If you expect guests to stay into the evening, hang miniature lanterns around the yard and pool and set up a fire pit.

As for music, create a playlist with a mix of relaxing summer tunes and hits your guests will enjoy. Set up an outdoor speaker or sound system to play your music, and make sure there are enough songs on your playlist to last for the duration of the party. Or turn it up a notch with a live band or DJ for a special experience for you and your guests.


Adult Parties

While having a few games available for guests to play is okay, don’t force your guests to follow a rigid schedule of activities. Instead, let them eat, mingle, swim, and relax on their own terms. A pool party should have a natural, relaxing flow to it.

Children’s Parties

There are plenty of fun kids’ games to play at a pool party, including:

  • Water balloon piñatas
  • Marco Polo
  • Cannonball competitions
  • Hot potato beach ball

Foods & Drinks to Serve

Whether you’re throwing an adult pool party or a children’s party, consider the dietary restrictions of your guests when planning for food and drinks.

Take some time to set up a food table and a drink table in the shade so the food and drinks won’t bake in the sun.

Keep plenty of ice stocked so you can keep certain foods and drinks cold, and consider using plastic cups for drinks so you don’t have to worry about broken glass. Nothing ruins the mood quite like broken glass in a place where people are walking barefoot or in sandals.

Adult Parties

Serve light foods that won’t make your guests bloated in their bathing suits. Think hors d’oeuvres, shrimp, smoked salmon, chilled soup, salad, cheese and crackers, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, and fruit and vegetable platters.

Serve food and drinks that go with the theme of your party. Common drinks to serve include sparkling water, fruit-infused water, soda, white wine, rosé, beer, and a signature cocktail.

Remember to be a responsible host when it comes to serving alcohol. Don’t overserve and make sure you have plenty of water available.

Children’s Parties

Kids also need to stay hydrated in the heat, so make sure you’re stocked up on water and fruit juices.

For food, also try to match your theme. And consider foods that kids would enjoy, like fruit platters, hot dogs, popsicles, cookies, treats, and other snacks kids adore.

Prepare for Bad Weather

In case of bad weather, schedule a rain date, or set up the party indoors. If it’s only raining for a short time, guests can seek shelter indoors.

But if the weather forecast calls for thunder storms during the time of your party, you’re better off having the party at a later date.

Pool Safety

The best pool party is a safe pool party. Making sure everyone is comfortable and no one gets hurt are your main jobs as the host.

Make sure kids are always supervised, especially in and around the pool. Keep plenty of pool floats, pool toys, and life jackets for those who aren’t strong swimmers.

A first aid kit should always be close at hand in case of scrapes and cuts. Make sure it’s well stocked with Band Aids and disinfectant, like alcohol wipes.

Apply sunscreen regularly to your skin and to any kids who might need it. Consider making sunscreen and aloe vera available for guests to use. A minimum SPF 30 broad-spectrum waterproof sunscreen should be used and reapplied after swimming.

Since heat and too much alcohol can lead to dehydration, unsafe swimming, and accidents, keep the alcohol served at your party to a minimum.

Besides keeping your food in the shade, make sure there’s enough shade for your guests. Set up sun umbrellas around the pool so everyone can stay protected from the sun.

If you want to add some lightearted charm, consider leaving straw sun hats for each of your guests around the pool.

Preparing Your Pool

Before your pool party, inspect your pool for damage and schedule any necessary pool repairs and maintenance with a local pool company.

Make sure your pool is well cleaned before guests arrive so they can enjoy the sparkling blue water at your epic pool party.

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