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Young property owners enjoy their inground swimming pool.

How to Add Value to Your Home With an In-Ground Pool

Invest in Your Home’s Value and Enjoyment with the Right Design and Inground Pool Repairs

The question of whether or not a pool adds value to a house comes up often. The short answer is yes. As long as your pool is attractive, suitable to your backyard, and well-maintained then it adds value to your home.

Whether you’re looking to install an inground pool or if you’ve already got one, add value to your home with inground pool repairs while also enjoying your summer with a beautiful swimming pool. Like all investments, pools need proper care and maintenance to stay in good condition and keep their value. So protect your investment with pool repairs when needed.

Here’s how inground pools can add value to your home and your lifestyle.

Look at Your Backyard as Though It Were Your Cottage

Personal enjoyment tops the list of reasons for investing in a pool. If you plan to spend most of your summer at home in your backyard, adding a pool will certainly add entertainment value to your home. Instead of constantly seeking relief from those hot summer days by driving to the cottage, beach, or public pool, you can simply step outside and dive in whenever you please.

Custom-Build Pools to Suit Your Space

Pools that fit backyards without taking over the space are more attractive to potential homebuyers. They are also more enjoyable for you. You will want to have enough green space around your pool so there’s room for a garden, patio, and ample room for people and pets to walk around.

Opt for In-Ground Pools and Features

If you aren’t sure whether to go with an inground, semi-inground, or an above-ground pool, here’s the difference. In-ground and semi-inground pools have the potential to add value to homes while above-ground pools may not. People often see above-ground pools as eyesores, taking up space and obstructing the views of the backyard.

Another bonus of inground pools is that they can have additional features. Lighting, water features, tile designs, and spas are among the many custom add-ons that will increase the appearance and value of your swimming pool.

Your Neighbours Have Pools

Your home will be more likely to sell if you have a pool in a neighbourhood full of backyard pools. Homebuyers will be less inclined to buy the only house on the block without a pool. Especially if they can see the beautiful pools in your neighbours backyards.

Spruce Up Your Old Pool

For your own enjoyment’s sake and the sake of attracting homebuyers, update an old or worn down pool. You don’t have to completely replace it if the structure is still intact unless you’re considering a new design. Homebuyers are attracted to new pools that are in perfect condition.

Maintain Your Investment

With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, your pool will remain in excellent condition for years. If you notice any damage, don’t put off repairs as pool damage will worsen with time and end up being costly to repair in the future.

Maintain your investment in your home’s value and enjoyment this summer with an inground pool repair and renovation.

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