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How Pool Companies in Ottawa Inspect for Signs of Winter Damage

Spring has all but sprung in Ottawa, and while it might be a little premature, we can all unofficially start dreaming about sunny days, camping trips, and pool parties. While warmer weather is certainly exciting, winter’s harsh effects unfortunately don’t always end with the season. As the snow, ice, and cold pass, it’s important to inspect for any damage caused in their wake. For pool-owners especially, catching damage early on can help reduce the need for any extensive inground pool repair. Although winterizing your pool helps, problems can still occur in harsh conditions. There are many pool companies in Ottawa who provide spring inspection services; here are some of the telltale signs they look for:


If you invested in one of the professional pool companies in Ottawa to winterize your pool, damaged equipment shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s always good to check for any ruptures in your pump and plumbing and inspect your heater, skimmer, and filter for cracks and breaks.


One common form of damage requiring inground pool repair following the winter is a ripped or torn vinyl liner. This occurs due to the solid and heavy ‘icebergs’, which begin to appear and break off as the weather thaws. The problem with these icebergs is their sharp edges, which can fall against and tear the liner. If your pool is tiled, it’s also a good idea to inspect for cracked or dislodged tiles. While inspecting for interior damage, pool companies in Ottawa will often pay close attention to the areas directly surrounding fittings, as well as steps and corners, where the liner is more likely to be stretched.


Much like a basement, the walls and structure of the pool must resist pressure from the ground. In the winter, water freezes and expands, which can increase the weight and pressure of soil. This adds stress to the structure of the pool, and in some cases can cause the walls to collapse. Collapses often mean serious damage, and immediate inground pool repair is imperative.


Although pools are meant to be watertight, damaging ice and snow during the winter can compromise their impermeable nature. There are many potential areas where leaks can occur, including fittings, accessories, plumbing, liners and even the shell. Inground pool repair upon first detection of a leak can help keep the structural components of the pool intact and prevent further damage.

Don’t squash your summer dreams by not inspecting your inground pool for signs of winter damage. Catching even a small problem early on can make a huge difference for your pool, your home and your wallet! Having one of the best pool companies in Ottawa inspect your pool will ensure that the only thing that impedes your pool-lounging schedule is the weather.

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