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inground pool repair

5 Mistakes That Could Lead to an Inground Pool Repair

When you invested in your inground pool, I’m sure that you imagined countless days spent poolside, and many years of use. It’s likely that you didn’t fantasize about the need for inground pool repair. Of course, some damages are inevitable, and after time, repairs will be required, but taking proper care of your pool and especially of your pool liner can prolong your enjoyment. You can prevent additional and unnecessary damages by avoiding some common mistakes. The following blunders often lead to liner damage and the need for inground pool repair:

1. You didn’t properly winterize your pool

All pool companies in Ottawa will tell you that properly winterizing your pool is an important step to take before the harsh winter months arrive. This will ensure that your equipment and your liner are adequately protected from the elements. If your pool is improperly winterized, the result is often damage caused by snow and ice expansion, and a need for springtime inground pool repair.

2. You let your dog swim in the pool

Any sharp object in or around your pool, including your dog’s claws, is in danger of puncturing or tearing your pool’s liner.

Other sharp objects including ladders or slides with sharp edges can also be hazardous. If you are planning to invest in these pool accessories, be sure to have them professionally fitted and installed by one of many professionals at pool companies in Ottawa to avoid the risk of damage.

3. You’re not using the right amount of chemicals

Chemicals are vital to keeping a pool in swimming condition, but too much or too little could wreak havoc on your pool’s liner. Too little chemicals can give bacteria a chance to grow and damage the liner, whereas too much of a chemical can bleach or stain the liner. Both will result in a need for inground pool repair.

4. You don’t keep your pool filled to the recommended water level

When your pool is filled to the recommended water level, the pressure from the water helps keep the liner from being dragged down by its own weight. Otherwise, the liner may become permanently stretched and your inground pool will require repair. The opposite problem can also occur if the liner becomes dried out and shrinks.

Professionals at pool companies in Ottawa can recommend the proper water levels to avoid these damages.

5. You’re using the wrong cleaning agents

If a cleaning product is not approved for use on your specific pool liner it can be abrasive and potentially damage the liner and cause leaks. Proper cleaning agents can be purchased from pool companies in Ottawa.

Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure that your inground pool is functional for many summers to come!

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