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4 Things You Need To Know About Preparing Your Pool for the Winter

With winter well on its way, it’s time to start preparing for the cold season. Unfortunately for us Canadians that means saying goodbye to most outdoor activities, like biking and swimming. For pool owners, it also means saying goodbye to your pool until the springtime. Seeing as a pool is a large investment for your family, it’s imperative that it is properly protected. Often this is why pool owners will opt for pool companies in Ottawa or pool builders in Ottawa to help protect their asset. Regardless of what you choose to do, here are some important things to know about preparing your pool for the winter:

Adjust the chemicals

One of the first steps pool builders in Ottawa take when winterizing a pool is balancing the pH, alkalinity and calcium levels. It can also be really beneficial to add in a winterizing chemical kit. If you are unfamiliar with these kits make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions and/or seek advice from pool companies in Ottawa.

Unplug and Drain

Pool companies in Ottawa know one of the most important parts of avoiding costly repairs is making sure all equipment is unplugged and drained dry. This includes heaters, pumps, filters and chlorinators (if you have any). It’s also a good time to empty any chemical feeders; however, as these chemicals can be hazardous you may want to consult any pool builders in Ottawa for assistance or at the very least ensure you are wearing the proper safety attire. If water is left inside any equipment it will freeze and potentially cause the equipment to crack and break. This can be an unexpected and costly surprise come springtime.

Cover and protect

In Ottawa, our winters are harsh and our snowfalls are heavy, so it’s important that you purchase a winter cover specifically designed for this type of environment. A good cover will protect your pool and liner from the sun, ice, snow as well as preventing algae growth. When covering your pool for the winter, it is important to properly secure the cover to ensure it does not cave, break or tear.

Lower the water line

Best practice is to lower the water level four to six inches below the lowest plumbing line and ensure it is at least below the skimmer line. Also – remember that water expands when frozen, so make sure to account for this space also.

Saying goodbye to your pool for the winter can be a heartbreaking departure; however, by ensuring it is winterized properly you’ll allow for a stress-free welcome back in the spring!

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