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Book your pool project with pool builders in Ottawa early - even during the winter - to make sure you can get started the minute the weather warms up.

Winter Is the Best Time to Order Your New Pool

Why You Should Place Your Order With Ottawa Pool Builders Now

The middle of winter may seem like a strange time to be thinking about backyard pools, but if you want your new pool ready for the summer, now is the best time to be placing your order with pool builders in Ottawa.

Winter is a slow time for Ottawa pool builders. That means you’ve got more time to discuss options and plans with them. In turn, they can start planning your project well in advance. Also, by booking in the winter, you can avoid the spring rush of pool orders and be at the top of the list to have your project completed.

Planning a pool building project takes time. Ottawa pool builders must fill out paperwork and test the ground and soil so you can obtain a building permit. Construction cannot begin until the ground is thawed, though. By placing your order sooner rather than later, builders can start the project the moment conditions are right.

When planning your pool project, there are many options to consider. Your pool builder will go over these options with you and help you decide what is best for your new pool. Here are a few things to consider when planning your pool project:

  • The size, shape, and depth of your pool, and how suitable these dimensions are to your land area.
  • Salt water vs. freshwater—your preference and budget will determine which type of pool water you choose. Salt water pool systems are more costly upfront compared to fresh water pools, but they pay off in a year or two since you never have to buy chlorine products.
  • Pool decks and enclosures—choose the colour and style of your pool deck and enclosure to match your preferences and backyard décor.
  • Pool pumps and filters—pool pumps come in different speeds, with some being more energy efficient than others.
  • Heated vs. non-heated—gas, electricity, and solar energy are all pool heating options. You can discuss which option is best for you.
  • Pool add-ons and features—such as lights, tanning decks, water features, and jets.

Once you’ve decided on the design of your pool, Ottawa pool builders will make a schedule. It will detail each phase of the construction project. It usually takes six to eight weeks to complete a pool build. Booking your pool project early means builders can start the moment the ground thaws.

Placing your pool building project order now will ensure that your pool will be ready in time for the hot summer weather. Although summer may seem far away with the current cold weather and snow on the ground, it’ll arrive soon enough, and you’ll be glad you have a pool to cool off in.

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