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Why Spring is a Good Time to Start Pool Renovations

Tips to Get Your Pool Renovations Rolling This Spring

Is your pool outdated and worn down? Have you noticed cracks or fading on the deck and pool liner?

Spring is finally here, and as the days get warmer and inch closer to summer, you probably find yourself daydreaming about a nice swim in a sparkling blue pool this summer.

You might already be thinking of getting into shape for the summer, but did you know your pool needs to be in good shape too? If your pool needs upgrades, it’s best to give it the care it needs early. You could be avoiding serious setbacks!

Pool renovations can be a lot more complicated than expected. If damages are neglected, the situation will inevitably worsen, and more money will have to be spent on reparations. When time is limited, wouldn’t you rather get the right upgrades done to enjoy your pool all summer long?

Book your pool renovations this spring so and reap the many benefits of starting renovations before the hot summer days.

The Benefits You Can Enjoy

Act fast and book your pool renovations and repairs this spring so you can secure a date early and beat the summer rush.

The top pool specialists are constantly in high-demand during the summer. By booking during the pre-season, you will benefit from:

  • Easy access to the best pool specialists;
  • Fast quotes on pool repair and restoration;
  • Quick, efficient service;
  • Quality renovations;
  • Renovations completed within your preferred timeline; and,
  • A pool that is fun-ready before summer even begins!

Good Weather

Although you may not want to jump into a pool during spring, the ground has thawed and the days are warmer, but not too hot, making it the perfect time get started on some outdoor renovations.

Plenty of Time

An early start to pool renovations gives you and your pool builders plenty of time to plan your project and make sure it will be completed well. Planning is the key to quality service and an efficient renovation process. Ultimately, your pool restoration specialist will want to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the final product.

Top Renovation Ideas

If you have a worn down looking pool, here are the top renovations that will make your pool look and feel brand new!


Coping is the cap along the wall edges of in-ground pools. It is both a structural necessity—keeping the pool structure intact and protected from water damage—as well as a decorative accent.

If your coping is worn out, consider upgrading it with freshly poured concrete. You can also have the concrete stained and stamped to further enhance the decorative appearance of your backyard pool.


Damaged, worn out, or old steps should be removed and replaced with new ones. If your inground pool doesn’t have steps, book an appointment to get them installed this spring.  This serves a purpose of functionality, safety, and gives your pool a fresh new look.


Lights give your pool a unique look and create a relaxing ambiance, especially for those evening swims or pool parties. When renovating your pool, discuss the option of installing new LED multicoloured lights or replacing your old lights with this innovative alternative.


There are many decking options to install around your pool. Cement decking is a popular choice because it is durable and versatile, coming in a variety of stain and stamp styles.

Cement decking also provides traction around the pool for a non-slip surface that also doesn’t get too hot for bare feet. Other popular decking materials include wood, brick, and natural stone.

Also consider the many pool features to turn your pool and backyard into your own personal, luxurious escape, such as water and fire features, slides, and swim-up bars.

Don’t miss out on precious swimming weather by booking your pool renovations early! With advanced planning, you can enjoy your new upgraded pool all summer long.

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