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Residents enjoying a swim in a beautiful Oasis.

How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Personal Oasis

When you hear the word “oasis” what immediately comes to mind?

Palm trees, relaxation, all your cares melting away?

Whatever you envision, and I am sure that it is amazing, what makes an oasis an oasis is water.

While you can get a good deal of comfort and joy sitting by a warm fireplace reading a book or taking in a deep breath of an expansive country vista, nothing comes close to reclining poolside. Imagine yourself sitting under an umbrella sipping a drink, anticipating the tastes of a sizzling nearby barbecue and listening to your favorite summertime tunes.

Enveloped by the warmth of the summer season free from cell phones and demanding schedules, time blissfully stops. It is your moment just to be and re-energize body and spirit.

It is your getaway without having to drive a car or board a plane.

Do you have a place like that, a place to retreat into your world and a well-deserved break?

Why It’s Good For You

There are no shortages of articles and studies that herald the importance of relaxation or, tuning out from the world for a short period.

I just read an article titled 10 Compelling Reasons to Take a Break that listed the benefits of taking time away from the rest of the world.

Here are just a few;

  • You work hard to play hard
  • Business burnout is real
  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Relaxation leads to greater creativity
  • Bring back the spark

While I am sure there are more than ten reasons relaxation and fun time is important, the point is everyone needs and deserves a break.

Like a welcoming oasis after a long journey in the desert, your home and your backyard should be such a place.

Your Outdoor Space Is As Important Has Your Indoor Space

Unlike warmer climes south of the border where the summer-like weather is a year-round experience, north of the 49th our “warm day” season is so much shorter.

With the shortened season getting the most out of your lazy, hazy days of summer is so important. It means that creating a new backyard escape destination has to be done efficiently and on a cost effective basis.

How would you like your personal space to look is an important first question. However, functionality aligned with purpose is also something you have to consider.

For example, are you looking for a quiet, meditative environment or do you want to create the ultimate pool party experience? An oasis doesn’t have to be reflective and sedating all of the time.

How will your space connect to your home because it is, after all, another room in your house, just outdoors?

What about a sun deck or tanning shelf? Perhaps you are thinking of having a hot tub or spa? Let’s not forget the landscape.

Fred and I have a passion for what we do, and we can certainly walk you through the process because not only is it our business to help you to carve out your piece of paradise in the world, but because we have done it for ourselves. We are just like you, and we know firsthand how important it is to have the perfect place to get away from the world now and then.

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