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Get a head start on pool renovations so you can benefit from water exercise therapy.

The Benefits of Water Exercise Therapy

Get Your Pool Renovations Done Early So You Can Start Reaping these Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water exercise therapy provides significant health benefits while being a low-impact alternative to other forms of exercise. These exercises are suitable for all ages and can help with recovery from injuries or degenerative joint and bone diseases.

While water exercise therapy is usually in warm water to soothe sore joints and muscles, you can still benefit from these exercises if your pool isn’t heated. Unheated pools are excellent for cooling off while working out on hot summer days. And speaking of summer, if you want to reap these many benefits of water exercise plan your pool renovations sooner than later so you can start enjoying your pool once the warm weather arrives.

Therapy for Joints & Bones

Water exercise therapy is helpful for those with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis—and especially osteoarthritis of the spine. Exercise will reduce pain and improve these conditions over time, however, most exercise is too painful on bones and joints. But in a warm pool, many exercises are possible, and the warm water helps alleviate the pain. Improved circulation to muscles and joints during water exercise therapy also encourages recovery.

Low-Impact Exercise

The hard pressure and impact of working out on land can take its toll on your joints. But with water aerobics, the buoyancy of the water combined with less gravity reduces that impact and pressure, making this low-impact exercise ideal for those who are recovering from an injury or suffer from joint disorders.

Increase Strength, Endurance, & Flexibility

Since water has a high resistance, movement in water requires more muscle exertion while increasing your joints’ range of motion. This means water aerobics is an excellent form of exercise for building muscles and endurance while increasing your overall strength and flexibility.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Just being in the water, or near water, can help you unwind, clear your mind, and ease stress or anxiety. Combined with the endorphins released during exercise, you will likely feel happier and relaxed after a water workout. The combination of exertion, water, and reduced stress will also help you sleep better.

Reduce Blood Pressure

The pressure of the water actually improves blood circulation and will reduce blood pressure over time. This will also reduce your resting heart rate, putting less stress on your heart. Cardiovascular exercises, especially in water, improve both heart and overall health.

Beat the Heat

With the cool temperature of the pool water, you can maintain a comfortable body temperature while exercising. This is even more important in summer when overheating can be a risk. So if it gets hot, you can still exercise comfortably without feeling overly exhausted from the heat.

If you have an injury, sore joints and bones, or you’d just like a more relaxing, cooler, and low-impact workout, consider water exercise therapy. Once your pool renovations are completed, you can start swimming, strengthening, and healing while improving your overall health and well-being in the water.

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