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Pool renovations in fall months can prepare you for the winter and the next swimming season.

Pool Renovations For The Off Season

5 Reasons to Call Ottawa Pool Services For Winter Pool Renovations

Fall is here, and unless you have a heated pool, you may closing up for the off season. There are a number of pool renovations and repairs to think about before shutting your pool down for the winter. Here are five suggestions:

1. Resurfacing

Over time, it’s normal for a pool’s interior to wear out. It may develop cracks and hollow spots in the concrete or gunite. Resurfacing can improve the appearance of your pool.

White plaster is standard because it is the most economical, but there are other finishes available, such as fiberglass, aggregate, and tile.

  • Fiberglass—Fiberglass is a smooth material that lasts longer than plaster and resists algae stains.
  • Aggregate—The trendiest option for pools is aggregate, a mixture of white or colored plaster and flecks of quartz, granite, or pebbles. Polished aggregate provides a smooth finish while exposed aggregate is rougher.
  • Tile—The most expensive and luxurious option is tile. Tile is durable and long-lasting, and has almost-endless variation, allowing you to customize your pool’s surfaces to suit your style.

2. Deck installation or resurfacing

The surrounding deck area impacts the appearance of not just your pool but your entire outdoor living space. Whether you decide to have your concrete deck resurfaced or want to change the look with stone, tile, or another material, the results can be impressive. Interlocking paving stones is another popular pool decking solution.

3. Filter system replacement

Upgrading your filter system can keep your pool cleaner than ever. Larger systems can drastically affect the amount of time you spend on pool maintenance. There are three leading filter options for you to choose from:

  • Sand filters—By far the easiest option in terms of maintenance, sand filters are a popular and reliable choice amongst pool owners. However, some owners prefer a greater level of filtration than sand filters can offer.
  • Cartridge filters—These filters are relatively easy to replace and, depending on the kind you choose, can offer varying levels of filtration.
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters—DE filters are effective at filtering even the finest particles, but can require the installation of a separation tank. Though extremely effective, it is also a costly option.

4. Energy efficient or time-saving equipment

High-quality pool equipment can last for years, but you may want to upgrade to a more energy efficient option. For instance, you can save on energy costs and keep your pool at a comfortable temperature with a high-efficiency pump. If you are tired of buying, storing, and handling chlorine, a salt water system to create chlorine in the water may be the answer.

5. Automation Equipment

New technology has created a variety of automated systems for pools. For example, an automatic safety cover can be a hassle-free way to cover your pool quickly and easily. Scheduled cleaners can make your pool sparkle with the push of a button.

While it may get a bit too chilly to dip your toes in the water, fall is a great time to start preparing your pool for the next season. When it’s time to re-open your pool in the spring, you’ll be glad you did!

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