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Ottawa Pool Builders Talk Winter Damage

Avoid Costly Inground Swimming Pool Renovation This Winter

It’s no secret or surprise that winter weather tends to wreak havoc upon—well, just about everything, really. From traffic and city infrastructure to our immune systems and even our homes, nothing is free from the harrowing effects of cold temperatures, snow, ice, and Christmas carollers. And for pool builders in Ottawa, the effects of winter on inground swimming pools is well-known. These can range from requiring minor repairs to needing a total pool renovation to overhaul the mess that has been caused by a particularly harsh season. You knew when you chose to buy a pool (or a property with one on it) that it would be a tremendous responsibility, but sometimes even our best preparation don’t keep us safe.

Of course, the best defense is still properly closing your pool for the winter. Many of Ottawa’s pool builders also offer professional closing services, though it is something that you could do yourself. Draining the water to the correct level, removing fixtures such as diving boards and ladders, and installing a protective cover are a great start. You should also take time to remove snow and ice from the cover, preventing it from building up. If the cover is weighed down enough, it will collapse into your pool. And if the pool has a vinyl liner—as is popular these days—that liner will be torn, and pool renovation will be your only option.

It’s also vital that you remove all pool fixtures before closing your pool. A ladder weighed down by excessive ice can break off, not only tearing right through the cover but the liner as well. Once the liner is pierced, unfrozen water can flood into the supports, and the whole structure could collapse in on itself.

If you own a vinyl inground pool, despite the 20-30 year warranties that typically come with liners, these actually often only last for between six and 12 years. If you’ve already had your liner for anywhere in that time range, there is a significant that it already has pinholes which may be undetectable to the naked eye, but can result in major damage, allowing water to leak and weakening the structure. Give your pool a thorough inspection to ensure that it will survive the winter. If you notice during the summer that your pool is regularly losing water, there’s a strong chance that a leak exists which will only be worsened by the presence of ice and freezing temperatures. Never put off a minor repair now or you may end up paying for extensive pool renovations and repairs later.

For more advice on keeping your pool intact through the winter months, contact your local pool builders in Ottawa.

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