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How to Pick an Ottawa Pool Builder

Tips on selecting an Ottawa pool builder best for you

The easy part is over – you’ve made the decision to get a pool for your Ottawa home. Your family is happy, your friends are happy, you are happy. Now the work begins and you must start making decisions. More important than deciding what liner colours would look best, and what shape (kidney bean, oval, rectangle) you want your pool to be is choosing your Ottawa pool builder.


Know anyone with a pool? Ask them about their experience with their Ottawa pool builder. If you don’t anyone with a pool, the internet is a great resource for helping you make purchase decisions. Check out forums and read reviews. Use a general business reviewer to make sure the reviews are legitimate and not from the company itself.


If the Ottawa pool builder readily provides you with a solid list of references, that’s a great sign. If you don’t want to call all of them, pick a few random references to get in touch with. Don’t discount them if the list isn’t long, but if the contractor is hesitant to provide any references at all, that should raise a red flag.

Some questions you can ask the references to help you make your decision:

  • When were the Ottawa pool services performed? If the references are from a while ago, that could indicate specific selection of references.
  • What type of pool did the contractor install? If you’re installing a similar pool, the performance of the Ottawa pool builder will be especially useful.
  • Did the Ottawa pool builder complete the work in a timely fashion?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Was the contractor professional and courteous while on site?

Gut instinct

After meeting with the Ottawa pool builder, your gut might give you some other indications. Other red flags to keep an eye out for include:

  • Offering an unrealistically low estimate
  • Pressuring you to make a quick decision or to take on financing to make the payment
  • Asking for payment in cash
  • Asking for a large amount of money upfront
  • General lack of professionalism in appearance or behavior

Lastly, before signing with an Ottawa pool builder, be sure to visit the builder’s place of business. How a business is run day-to-day is an indication of how they’ll conduct business with you. If there is no home office to visit, that is another red flag.

Building and installing a swimming pool are no places to cut corners. If spending a little more will get you a contractor you feel comfortable, go for it. A good Ottawa pool builder will leave you with a fantastic means to enjoy summers with friends and families.

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