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Clean pool opening

Opening and Maintaining Your Pool

Summertime Pool Safety and Checklists to Enjoy Your Pool This Summer

Summer has officially arrived; and with climbing temperatures, any Ottawa resident with a pool has already enjoyed a refreshing dip to cool off. Some families may have chosen to hire a professional to open their personal pools, and these services will have inspected your pool for leaks, equipment damage, diagnosing chemicals, and water treatment. Unfortunately, a one-time inspection at the beginning of the swim season won’t maintain your pool until the fall; so to make sure your pool is running optimally throughout the season, here are a couple of things you should watch out for:

Chemical balance

It may be finicky at times, but it is really important to regularly check your pool’s chemical balance, even after it’s been opened. Things you should be checking include the pH levels, your pool’s alkalinity, and your chlorine levels. If your water is getting green or foggy, even months after its been opened, you can shock it with chlorine. It’s important to do a good cleaning of any dirt or debris and let the filter run overnight before shocking it. Checking your pool’s chemical balance throughout the summer will ensure your pool is clean and safe for swimming.

Check your equipment

Be sure to check any reconnect filters, pumps, heaters, and plugs regularly, not just after a pool opening. Keeping equipment running optimally will save you work and headaches down the road. Pool opening service professionals are extremely knowledgeable about this equipment and can ensure you have the most up-to-date equipment possible to optimize the use of your pool.

Leaks and drains

Having a leaky pool is a major nuisance and a waste of resources and efficiency. If you suspect your pool has a leak, check every area of your pool to see if you can locate the leak’s source. If you are having trouble locating the leak, consult with a professional—they will make sure everything is sealed properly!

You deserve a worry-free swimming experience during the summer, and these tips will help ensure you get the most out of your pool this season. If you have any questions or concerns about maintenance after your pool opening, don’t hesitate to contact a local service professional to help you out. You’ll feel better knowing your pool is in the best condition, so you can spend more time relaxing by the pool instead of worrying about it.

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