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Get Your Pool Ready for Summer with a Pool Opening Service

When I was younger and my parents took me on holidays, the first thing I would do was race to the pool. “When can I go swimming?” I would eagerly ask. Now that I am older, I long for a warm, summers day by the pool, especially in middle of winter, and think, “When can I go swimming?” If you have one of your own, there are important steps to take before jumping in for that first swim. When the snow thaws and you realize what needs to be done, a pool opening service will deal with time consuming tasks required to get it up and running.

One of the things people with pools often complain about is the amount of work involved. They want to enjoy the benefits, but do not want to deal with the maintenance, upkeep and checking filters, pumps and levels. A pool opening service will do the heavy lifting at the beginning of the season in April, May and June by pumping water off of the cover, re-installing equipment, adding a starter chemical kit and making sure everything is in prime condition. All sorts of things can be hiding under and on top of the cover all winter, including leaves, slime and maybe mold. These things all need to be cleaned out before the pumps start running.

Getting these tasks done early by a will mean you’re not struggling to finish everything while summer passes you by. Think about it: the more sun your pool gets, the warmer it will be, so the more warm days it has to bask in the warmth, the longer it will stay that way. At least start thinking about the preparation in April and May, so you can book an appointment before the hot weather hits. For those who have moved into a new house and aren’t experienced with maintaining a pool or recently had one installed, a pool opening service can take the guesswork out of opening the pool. It will also help to ensure everything in is safe before you swim.

Daytime temperatures play a factor in when you should open your pool. Once temperatures reach about 21 degrees, then you know you’re almost ready to have it opened. This also depends on the temperature you like the water… whether you like it a little colder for athletic swimming or a bit warmer for relaxing. Pools are the focal point of any backyard and look so much better with the cover off and an open view of crystal clear water shining in the sun, don’t you think?

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