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Questions to Ask Pool Liner Experts Before the Job

A Look at What Causes Pool Liner Wrinkles and Questions You Should Ask When Considering Pool Liner Replacement

Has your pool liner seen better days? Are there wrinkles in your inground pool liner? If so, it may be time to call the pros to get a pool liner replacement.

But what’s the process? Be sure you’ve done your research to find the most qualified pool services company to perform the pool liner replacement.

Here are tips so you know when it’s time to replace your pool liner and what questions to ask your pool contractor when shopping for pool liner replacements.

Signs Your Pool Liner Needs to Be Replaced

Many factors can affect the lifespan of your pool liner, such as the sun’s UV rays and not balancing your pool water regularly. Here are some of the telltale signs that your pool liner needs replacing.

Cracking & Tearing

Cracking and tearing in a pool liner is a sure sign that your liner needs replacement. Cracks and tears can lead to leaks, which are costly and damaging problems for pool structures.

Over time, pool liners will deteriorate from exposure to sunlight and pool chemicals. As the liner deteriorates, it will be easier to crack and tear. So keep an eye out for this damage. And if you notice the water level dropping after discovering a crack or tear, call the pros in to inspect and replace your liner before more serious damage occurs.

Fading & Staining

Sunlight and pool chemicals will also cause pool liners to fade over time. And with time, stains can buildup on your liner which may be caused by algae or rust. Once your liner starts to fade, or you notice ugly stains on your liner that are difficult to remove even with regular cleaning, consider updating your pool liner to give your pool a fresh, new, and clean look.

Wrinkling & Stretching

What causes wrinkles in pool liners? Pool liners eventually lose their elasticity and plasticity, becoming loose and stretched out. Along with causing your liner to slip out of its track, stretched-out pool liners will also cause wrinkles.

While fixing pool liner wrinkles can be easy, some wrinkles in pool liner walls can be too difficult to remove. So if you can’t keep your liner smooth, taught, and in place, it’s time for a replacement.


If your pool is losing water and you suspect there is a leak in the liner, look for the cause of the leak and patch it. But if you can’t find the location of the leak, you’re better off replacing the liner.

It’s worth replacing a leaky liner so you won’t have to worry about the high costs of water damage to the structure of your pool that can be caused by leaks—i.e., walls and floors corroding and washing away. And you won’t have to risk needing to drain your pool more than once to solve the leak.

Questions to Ask Your Pool Professionals

While replacing your pool liner is a wise decision if you encounter any of the above problems with your liner, it’s also wise to do your research before installing a new liner. So make sure to ask your pool professionals the following questions when shopping for liner replacements.

How long has the company been replacing liners?

When it comes to reputable pool companies, the longer they’ve been in business and replacing pool liners, the better. The length of time a company has been in business reflects their experience and credibility. It means they are a stable business that most likely won’t go out of business. So you won’t have to worry about losing a warranty or having a pool liner installed poorly.

Do they use sub-contractors?

If they do use sub-contractors, make sure the sub-contractors are also skilled, reputable, and certified. And be clear that you are not liable to pay the sub-contractors in case the pool builders decide not to pay them.

Without proof, such as a receipt (otherwise known as a lien waiver), that the sub-contractors have been paid by the pool company, the contractors could be left unpaid and come after you for the money, even after you’ve paid for most or all of the project.

Are they members of any professional organizations?

Look for pool builders who have certifications from professional organizations. Certified pool builders are reputable, and are required to follow construction standards for the pool industry.

Are their liners Canadian made?

Ideally, your pool liner should be manufactured in Canada to ensure the liner can be easily replaced under your warranty. You will want a pool liner made by a reputable Canadian company who stands by the quality of their products with warranties.

Is the liner under warranty?

A warranty guarantees that the pool liner manufacturing company holds complete responsibility for the quality of its products. A company will not offer a warranty if its products are likely to fail. So a warranty adds a layer of reassurance into the quality of the pool liner.

Get an Estimate

Most pool builders won’t give you a quote for a pool liner replacement until they’ve seen and measured your pool. When they do give you a quote, make sure it’s secure and in writing to avoid being a victim of the “bait and switch” selling technique. This shade sales practice involves providing a fake low price and then increasing the price after they’ve started working for you.

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to refresh the look of your pool and replace your pool liner if it’s showing signs of age and damage. With a new pool liner replacement from a reputable pool company, you can enjoy your clean, updated pool all summer long without any worry.

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