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Splashes and regular pool use can cause water levels to decrease, making pool leak detection trickier.

Pool Leak Detection Tips for Homeowners

How to Spot and Address A Leaky Pool

Pool season is upon us, and pool owners are itching to get their pools uncovered and ready to go. When getting your pool ready for the season, though, it’s important to make sure everything is intact and damage-free before filling up. Pool leak detection will save you from a lot of wasted time and water.

Some damages are hard to spot, even with proper pool-opening practices. Once of the most common issues pool owners face is water leakage. Spotting a leak in your pool can be hard to do because pools can lose water for several unrelated (and non-harmful) reasons.

Finding A Leak

Just because your pool is losing water doesn’t automatically mean there’s a leak. Pools lose water due to evaporation, or when it is splashed out through general use. In order to address a potential leak, here are a few red flags to look for:

  • Is all your equipment intact? Many pool leaks are caused by breaks or cracks in the pool’s pump and filtration equipment. This is most common when you are opening a pool for the first time after winter.
  • Are there any rips in the pool liner? Make sure you check the liner, especially the corners, for any rip or tear that can cause leaking.

If you spot one or more of these issues, you most likely have a leak in your pool.

Still unsure? Use a piece of tape or waterproof marker to measure the water levels of your pool throughout the day. If you notice a steady quantity of water disappearing, you should have a professional come in to have a look.

Addressing Leaks

Pool repair specialists will be able to officially locate the leak using professional leak detection techniques. Without the proper tools and techniques, many leaks remain undetected which wastes water, raises water bills, and can cause more substantial damage to the pool over time.

Once a professional has confirmed there is a leak, they can begin to fix the problem and save you the time and money a leak can cause.

Leaks can appear in varying degrees, and for several reasons, making them difficult to spot. If you suspect your pool has a leak, call a pool repair professional to locate and repair it.

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