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pool closing services

Pool Closing Services, Renovations and Everything in Between

The sun is shining, children are laughing and the smell of slightly overcooked burgers fills the air, family and friends jump into the pool, one cannon ball after another. This can only mean one thing: summer is here. Do you remember summer? Do you remember those beautiful days? Those days when all you need is your flip flops, shorts, a muscle shirt and your shades. Those are the days made for swimming, lounging in lawn chairs and hanging out with family and friends. Don’t worry, summers just around the corner. Winter will be over soon and it will be swimming weather before we know it. Simply put, having a pool is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work. All it takes is a small rip in your liner to ruin your fun. Without the proper care and maintenance your pool can quickly become a costly burden. Fortunately, there are many pool companies in Ottawa that offer a variety of services including pool renovations, repairs, pool opening services and pool closing services. Here’s a closer look at these services.


Your backyard should be your getaway, you work hard and you deserve to come home to a beautiful backyard and a refreshing dip. Pool companies in Ottawa provide a number of pool renovation services. This allows you to customize your backyard to your exact liking. The services include landscaping, interlocking brick, system updates, installing steps and much more.


Just like a car or a home your pool will inevitably need regular maintenance and care. A small rip in the liner can quickly become a massive tear. Pipes can burst and leaks can happen, that’s all part of owning a pool. Now you’ll probably be tempted to fix the problems yourself, or at least attempt to. But if you try to fix it yourself you might cause further damage, leave it to the pool professionals. Pool experts have the experience and industry knowledge to properly address any pool related issue.

Pool Opening Services

Eliminate the worry of opening your pool in spring and hire the pros. These services includes removing the cover, connecting the pump and fittings, installation of ladders and decks, chemical treatment and a final system check.

Winterizing: Pool Closing Services

Properly winterizing your pool is of the utmost importance. If you don’t, it can lead to cracks, rips, busted pipes and a lot of frustration. Call the pros and get it done right. Pool companies offer pool closing services every fall. There are a number of steps one has to take when winterizing a pool. The pool closing services include lowering the water level, removing water from the lines, removing any ladders or decks, winterizing the pump, capping off pipes, chemical treatment and covering the pool.

So whether you need renovations or pool closing services call the pool professionals. Take proper care of your pool and it will return the favour. Click here to learn how to optimize your pool.

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