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Ottawa pool services

Why You Should Leave Ottawa Pool Services to the Pros

Cleaning and maintenance are the two main concerns people have when deciding to install a swimming pool on their properties. With all the hard work, time and equipment involved it’s no wonder people resist. Does anyone enjoy cleaning their pool? The good news is, there are dedicated teams that offer Ottawa pool services who can take care of the labour involved in keeping your pool clean and properly maintained, freeing you up to enjoy more time in your pool.


If you are looking forward to enjoying summertime in Ottawa, pool services might be on your mind, especially when it comes time to think about opening your pool for the season. Opening and closing your pool is the biggest, most important job in pool ownership. It takes a lot of time, effort and know-how to do it properly, and failing to do so can have severe consequences for your backyard.

A professional pool opening service will take care of it all, from inspecting for leaks and damages to equipment, to diagnosing the proper chemicals and treating the water. A pro will give your pool its first or last shock treatment, drain or refill water to the right level, remove or install all fixtures, such as the diving board, ladder, pump and filter tank as well as clean, fold, remove or securely replace your pool cover. They take care of all the heavy lifting. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Chemical Balance

Proper chemical treatment can be a difficult and frustrating part of pool ownership. Maintaining the correct chemical balance is imperative to the enjoyment and safety of your pool. But testing and diagnosing the right water treatment requires a high level of knowledge that most pool owners don’t possess. This is the number one reason people hire pool cleaning services in Ottawa. Professionals have the knowledge and the equipment necessary to keep your pool clean and healthy all season long.

Equipment Maintenance

Many homeowners are initially intimidated by the equipment involved in maintaining their pools. Pool equipment can be pricey and involve a lot of small parts requiring the user to be careful and knowledgeable to avoid repairs, affecting your pool’s operation. Trusting equipment use and maintenance to professional pool services will save you one of the biggest headaches in pool ownership.

Hiring a pool opening service or cleaning service can save you a lot of time, effort and frustration. It also gives you peace of mind and frees you up to enjoy more precious time in your own personal oasis. When it comes to pool cleaning, why not leave it to the pros?

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