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Pool renovations may be necessary if your pool has a leak, so get started on repairs early to make the most of your pool season.

Detecting and Diagnosing Pool Leaks

FAQs About Leaks and Pool Renovations

After a record-breaking snowfall, Ottawa is looking forward to summer. With the warm weather comes the sunshine, the beach, and swimming pools! As the weather continues to heat up, pool owners in the Nation’s capital certainly have something to look forward to. First, though, they’ve got to ensure their outdoor investment is in tip top shape. After a harsh and long winter, a few pool renovations may be necessary to get your pool back in working order, especially if your pool now has a leak.

To properly detect and diagnose a pool leak, consider the following frequently asked questions:

What Causes a Leak?

A leak can be caused by many different factors. Damage or deterioration of the pool surface, routine wear and tear, accidents, ground movement, poor construction, and/or pool renovations and the effects of winter weather are all leading causes of leaks.

How Can You Tell if Your Pool Has a Leak?

You won’t always be able to spot a leak just by looking because it is normal for the water level to drop by .25” a day due to evaporation and splashing. If you notice your pool’s water levels dropping the best way to determine the culprit is by performing a bucket test.  To conduct a bucket test, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Fill the pool to its normal level.
  • Fill a bucket with pool water.
  • Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool.
  • Mark the water levels both inside and outside the bucket.
  • Wait 24 hours and then compare the two levels. If the pool water level is much lower than the level in the bucket then you likely have a leak.

Ideally, you should perform this test twice, once with the pump on and once with the pump off. If the water loss is greater with the pump on that will be a good indicator that plumbing or equipment is to blame. If the water loss is the same when the pump is off then the structure or suction line may be causing the leak.

Why Is It Important to Fix a Leak Right Away?

If the bucket test determines you have a leak, then it’s important to invest in pool renovations to fix the problem as soon as possible. Not only will a leak waste water, heat, and chemicals, it can also undermine the pool’s plumbing and structural components.

An outdoor swimming pool is a significant investment for any homeowner. To keep yours in top shape, make sure you keep an eye out for leaks and any necessary pool renovations. A little upkeep will ensure a long-term enjoyable investment, not to mention something to look forward to in the midst of winter!

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