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Ottawa pool services can help you maintain your pool over the winter months, and can help you close up and winterize with ease.

Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Ottawa Pool Services Can Help You Maintain Your Pool During The Off-Season

Since outdoor pools in Ottawa generally aren’t in use over the winter, pool owners close up for the off-season. However, it is recommended that pools get year-round maintenance and service to avoid costly issues and repairs. If you don’t want to maintain your pool year-round, trust in Ottawa pool services to take care of your pool, especially in the winter.

Shutting off your pool’s pump and motor for the off-season puts this equipment at risk. Bearings in the motor can wind up locked as they are designed to operate non-stop. If this happens, you will have to get the equipment repaired once you are ready to use your pool again.

Your pool’s chemical levels will also become unbalanced without regular service, leaving whatever water remaining in your pool in poor condition, potentially leading to algae growth. When you open your pool again, you will have to re-balance the water before you can use it. Avoid these costly repairs and delays in using your pool by maintaining your pool or using professional Ottawa pool services.

Here are a few recommendations for maintenance over the winter months:

For Pools with Mesh Safety Covers

If you have a mesh safety cover on your pool, you should keep your pool’s pump and motor running and chemically treat your pool on a monthly basis in the coldest winter months and bi-weekly in the warmer off-season months. If you do decide to close your pool during the off-season, you need to keep it open for longer in the fall and open it earlier in the spring. You should also inspect and treat your pool for algae once in a while throughout the off-season to prevent algae growth.

For Pools with Solid Safety Covers

If you don’t want to maintain your pool throughout the off-season and you have a solid pool safety cover, you can winterize your pool before closing it. Winterizing includes turning off the pump and motor, balancing the water, treating the pool with algaecides, adding enough chlorine to last until spring, placing gizmos on the skimmers, and blowing out and plugging all lines. To ensure that your pool is properly closed and winterized, contact your Ottawa pool service professionals.

For Pools with Retractable Safety Covers

Pools with retractable safety covers can be winterized just like pools with solid safety covers. These covers make using a pool year-round easier, and also help insulate and protect heated pools when they are not in use.

Whether you decide to completely close your pool or maintain it throughout the winter, professional Ottawa pool services can help you throughout the off-season by handling the maintenance for you. They’ve also got the expertise needed to properly close and open your pool in the fall and spring. By keeping your pool in good condition, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs and cleaning, and can get back to enjoying your pool once the warm weather returns.

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