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Pool repair during the winter, especially if your cover is damaged, is a must to protect your investment and ensure you can enjoy your pool for years to come.

Winter Pool Cover Repairs

What To Know For When Your Cover Gets Damaged

As a pool owner, you want your outdoor fun investment to last. You’ve followed all the proper pool care techniques throughout the summer with all the skimming and the chlorine. You’ve invested in pool repairs when necessary. You’ve done your research when it comes to closing it up for the fall and winter seasons by draining, prepping, and covering your beloved pool. You’re doing a good job at caring for your pool!

Sometimes, though, bad luck gets the best of us. No matter how much work you’ve put into maintaining your pool, accidents can happen in an instant. It’s frustrating to deal with, especially if the accident damages your pool cover during the winter.

Understanding the main causes of and solutions for pool cover damage during the winter is the first step towards pool repair during an Ottawa winter.

Common Pool Cover Damage

Winter’s full of harsh weather, and the weight of ice and snow on a cover can cause it to stretch. With that much weight, even the sturdiest of materials will be pushed to its limit. While pool covers are designed to handle weather and debris, there’s only so much they can take.

Common causes of pool cover damage include:

  • Harsh winter winds and storms knocking debris on the cover, causing tears
  • Wildlife falling through or otherwise damaging the cover
  • Snow and freezing rain weighing down the cover, causing it to sink into the pool
  • Condensation and moisture freezing on the surface, creating sharp edges that can cut the cover

Canadian winters can be harsh, and winterizing your property in general (including your pool) is a must to help mitigate the wear and tear caused by the season. Even if damage occurs, it’s better to make minor repairs than major ones, after all.

What Can You Do?

For starters, a dislodged or even sunken pool cover can be simply put back in place once all the snow, and debris can be removed. For more serious damage, such as a tear, you’re not without options. Adhesive patches are a quick fix for minor cuts and tears. If the tear is around the edges of your pool cover, it can be rearranged so the rip is not in contact with the pool itself.

Extensive damage should be attended to at the end of the season by either replacing the entire cover or by sending it in for repair. Before sending it in, make sure the cover is cleaned off and all damage is clearly marked with a chalk outline.

Even when they are not in use during colder seasons, pools and their covers need a little care and supervision to make sure they make it through to the summer. If your pool cover has been dislodged or torn, you can still fix things and restore your cover’s functionality. Ottawa has many pool care specialists that are ready to help mend any broken seams, and tears in order to help you enjoy your pool when pool season comes back around.

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