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Ottawa Pool Services: Tips for Closing Your Pool

From Cleaning Your Pool to Avoiding Inground Pool Liner Repair, These Tips Make Closing Your Pool a Breeze

It’s never easy to say “au revoir” to your pool at the end of the summer, but with these tips and tricks to protect your pool over the winter you’ll be saying “bonjour” again before you know it.

1. Get your equipment ready

Closing a pool can be a lot of work, but with the right supplies it becomes a smooth process. Chemicals, tubes, your pool cover, and return jets are all items you should collect well in advance in case you need to order something unexpected, which can take time.

2. Make sure it’s clean

Even though you’ll need to clean the pool again when you re-open, a thorough cleaning before you close your pool will make things easier come spring, and could possibly save you from costly inground pool liner repair. Caring for your liner before winter comes will help ensure a long life for your pool.

3. Adjust the chemical balance

Professionals that specialize in pool services in Ottawa always recommend tweaking the pH, calcium and alkalinity in your pool before shutting it down. If these aren’t properly adjusted, there is a risk of chemical damage or buildup occurring over the winter.

4. Avoid cracked pipes

Freezing temperatures can result in badly cracked pipes, so it’s important to remember that you need to remove, or at the very least loosen, not just the pipes but the fittings as well. This helps the water drain, and will prevent cracks caused by expanding ice.

5. Pull out the ladder

Cold temperatures and metal do not mix well, so if you leave a metal ladder in your pool, you run the risk of damaging your liner, and requiring inground pool liner repairs. Make sure you store your ladder somewhere safe and dry.

6. Double check your pump

Sometimes a pump isn’t completely drained, even if you think it is. Professionals who regularly perform Ottawa pool services suggest turning your water pump upside-down, and removing the drain plugs (store them in a safe place for when your pool re-opens), to verify that there is no more water inside.

7. Tape exposed piping

You don’t want anything getting into your pool, period, but you especially don’t want anything that could result in a need for unwanted inground pool liner repairs. Experts in Ottawa pool services recommend duct tape as a quick and easy way to cover any and all exposed pipes.

8. Protect your cover

Any part of your pool that extends out into a point, such as a step unit, could tear your cover. Ottawa pool service professionals recommend using something soft like an old towel as a buffer between the edge and the cover.

Last but not least, if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact an expert in Ottawa pool closing services!

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