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Ottawa Pool Companies Face Winter Woes

Avoiding the Most Common Winter Damages and Preventing Inground Pool Liner Repair

Ottawa pool companies are no strangers to the dangers that winter weather poses to pools and their owners. It comes as no surprise that incredibly cold conditions and the tendency of water to turn to ice can wreak havoc on pools.

Inground Pool Problems

With the exception of concrete pools, an inground pool should also never be entirely drained in the winter (unless you enjoy paying for inground pool liner repair). Concrete constructions, especially those with architectural features like steps, can crack if stressed under large quantities of ice. For fiberglass and vinyl, however, maintaining a water level a safe distance below the skimmer is essential. While an empty pool would not collapse, the structural integrity could still be compromised. These should both be covered, and the covers should be kept clear of debris and snow which may weight it down. In a vinyl pool, a cover with too much weight on it can put stress on the liner, causing tears. In the event that this happens, you’ll need inground pool liner repair as soon as spring comes around—and the structure may become even more damaged by then.

The Best Defense

The best way to protect your pool from possible winter damage is to close it properly according to the type of pool and what it’s made of. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of attempting this task alone, then you can call on a professional pool closing service. Many Ottawa pool companies offer professional closing services that will help prepare your pool for everything the winter season can throw at it, so don’t hesitate to call today.

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