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Pool closing season is upon us once more - here's what you need to know.

Must-Have Pool Closing Services

Understanding Essential Services Pool Closing Professionals Offer Their Clients

Pool closing is never a fun time for pool owners. This task means summer is officially over and the cold winter weather is coming. Proper pool closing also takes time and care to ensure pools are prepared for the long winter season. If not done properly, your pool could be in bad shape next year, costing you plenty of time and money to clean and repair it.

If the days are still fairly warm, then you can hold off on closing your pool for a bit longer. In fact, your pool is better off staying open if the weather keeps, as warm water is hospitable for algae growth once the pool is closed. But when the day to close your pool finally arrives, there are several necessary pool closing tasks to keep your pool protected for the winter and in better shape come spring. With the help of pool closing professionals, you can have these must-have services completed when you’re ready to finally say goodbye to your pool for the winter.

Remove Pool Accessories

Whether you want to take the time to do this yourself or get help from the pros, you should have all of your pool accessories stored for the winter. This will protect them from any damage during the cold weather, including rusting and cracking. Pool accessories include:

  • Toys,
  • Ladders,
  • Steps,
  • Ropes,
  • Diving boards, and
  • Slides.

Clean and Treat the Pool

Your pool will need a good cleaning before closing. This means scrubbing, vacuuming, and treating the water for any problems such as metals, algae, and contaminants. These unwanted pool visitors will lead to unsightly stains and growth if left in the pool all winter. Also, the water needs to be balanced to keep the pool in good condition, so water treatments to balance the pH and alkalinity are necessary.

Add Winterizing Chemicals

A good shock treatment with chlorine, along with winterizing chemicals that contain algaecide, will prevent bacteria and algae growth this winter. The pool professionals may also suggest a mid-winter algaecide treatment to ensure no algae grows in early spring.

Drain the Water to A Safe Level

To protect your pool, you should never completely drain the water. The safe level to keep the water at is below the skimmer. Pool closing services will include the proper drainage to a level suitable for your pool.

Drain Equipment and Plumbing

All pool equipment needs a complete draining to prevent water from freezing and damaging the equipment. This includes draining the skimmer, pumps, filters, and plumbing. The plumbing will also need to be blown out and plugged.

Inspect and Install the Safety Cover

Since the safety cover will protect your pool from dirt, debris, and contaminants all winter long, the pool closing professionals will inspect the cover for any tears and damage. They will also securely attach the cover so nothing can get in your pool. Keeping the cover on securely will keep your pool cleaner and easier to open next spring.

With the help of these professional pool closing services, your pool will remain protected from damage, dirt, and algae growth all winter long. These services take care of the important tasks so you can open your pool with no extra work or costs in the spring, and have more time to enjoy your pool again.

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