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The Importance of Pool Closing Services

Ottawa Pool Services Want You to Understand the Benefits to Properly Closing Your Pool

Autumn is here—and winter is coming right on its heels. If you haven’t yet closed your pool for the year, or if you have done a halfway-there job, it’s important that you do it, and do it correctly, soon. You can have this done for you by professional pool closing services, or do it yourself. Ottawa pool services know the importance of a proper winterization and closing, and here’s what you need to know:

It Protects Your Investment

A swimming pool isn’t exactly a small investment. Whether you paid to have the pool installed yourself, or paid a higher price for a home with a pool, you’ve poured a lot of money into it. If you let the water in it freeze without first draining it to a safe level, you can damage everything from the pool liner to the pipes, filters, pumps, and more. You should remove all accessories, attachments, and filters to be stored safely for the winter.

Your Pool Will Be Cleaner and Look Better in the Spring

Most pool closing services will begin with balancing the chemicals in your water, and then move on to thoroughly cleaning debris and dirt from the pool. Not only will this keep things nice and clean, but it will also make your life easier—since most of this stuff will be harder to clean out again in the spring if you give it the entire winter to set into your pool. Additionally, as all Ottawa pool services know very well, properly balancing your chemicals before closing can prevent damage and discolouration on your pool liner.

Keeping Things Covered

The final, and most important, step in closing your pool for the winter is covering it. That’s because not only does using a proper cover protect your pool from snow and ice, but it also protects you, your family, and your pets as well. A proper cover sold by Ottawa pool services is rated to support a certain amount of weight while allowing water drainage, helping prevent excessive snow buildup. It also means that you don’t have to worry about your precious little ones or family pet falling in if they accidentally cross the pool’s borders while they are obscured by snow.

There’s no time like the present to make sure your pool is closed properly for the year. Contact a local pool closing service for professional assistance, and rest easily knowing you’ve made the smart choice.

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