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Have You Closed Down Your Pool Properly?

Your pool served you well all summer long, but by now, the countless barbecues, pool parties, and afternoons spent leisurely floating around feel like a distant dream. As the days become shorter and the temperatures dip down, it becomes clear that the harsh Ottawa winter is coming. It’s time to call your Ottawa pool services professional. Is your pool ready?

Properly winterizing your pool will protect your equipment, keep your pool clean, and will save you time and money when you’re ready to enjoy your pool again next year. Taking advantage of pool closing services and other pool services offered by professionals in Ottawa can save you the headache and risk of doing this yourself, but there are some additional steps that you can take to ensure that your pool is ready to be closed.

Balance the water

Before you close your pool, you’ll want to make sure that the water’s pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness are at the correct levels. This will prevent corrosion and scale buildup. If you are unsure how to balance your pool’s water, ensure that this is included in your pool closing services package.

Clean the pool

Remove all bugs, leaves, dirt and other debris using a pool skimmer, and then vacuum and brush the pool. Scrub the walls, floors and steps, even if they seem clean. Make sure that you do this the same day that you plan to have your pool closed, to ensure that debris doesn’t have a chance to re-appear. This will ensure that algae don’t stand a chance during the winter months.

Clean and/or remove the filter

If possible, you’ll want to remove your pool filter and store it for the winter months, but whether or not you can remove it, you’ll want to thoroughly clean all of the parts and drain any water from the filter. Pool service professionals in Ottawa, where the winters are harsh, will emphasize the importance of draining the water to ensure that it will not freeze and damage the filter. Cleaning the filter will also ensure that any oil, dirt, or other buildup doesn’t have a chance to harden.

Remove any pool accessories

Of course you’ll want to remove any pool toys or flotation devices, but you’ll also want to remove things like skimmer baskets, slides, ladders, hand rails and anything else that shouldn’t be in the pool while it’s closed.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be closer to having a pool that’s ready to face the winter months. Your Ottawa pool services professional can now easily perform the remaining pool closing services. This will include lowering the pool’s water level and draining all of the equipment, winterization of your plumbing, and the addition of any necessary chemicals, pool anti-freeze or algaecide, before covering your pool with a high quality cover that will last you through the harsh winter season.

Taking advantage of professional pool closing services will pay off in the long run, keeping your pool safe and ensuring that nothing stands between you and your pool next summer.

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