Pool leak detection and repair during the winter months can save you from frustrating downtime in the summer.

5 Pool Leak Detection and Repair Tips for Winter

Prepare Yourself with Our Winter Checklist for Pool Leak Detection and Repair Pool leak detection and repair are much easier in the summer than during the winter months. But leaks during the winter can cause severe damage if ignored. When the water level drops, the pool cover, liner, deck, and the entire pool itself risk […]

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Make pool opening easier with these handy off-season care tips!

Prevent Common Pool Opening Issues with Easy Off-Season Care

Take The Time to Ensure Easy Opening with Simple Maintenance and Protection Tips With your pool so recently closed, pool opening may be one of the last things on your mind right now. But how you close your pool and take care of it during the off-season directly affects its the condition during opening season. […]

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Pool closing season is upon us once more - here's what you need to know.

Must-Have Pool Closing Services

Understanding Essential Services Pool Closing Professionals Offer Their Clients Pool closing is never a fun time for pool owners. This task means summer is officially over and the cold winter weather is coming. Proper pool closing also takes time and care to ensure pools are prepared for the long winter season. If not done properly, […]

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Where HB Pools Originally Got Its Name

Have you ever looked at our logo and thought; why the HB initials? While some initially think that it is perhaps the first initials of our names, once we introduce ourselves as Fred and Jeremie, that theory pretty much goes out the window. So if the initials have nothing to do with our name, why […]

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