Pool repair tips from damage caused by Ottawa's harsh winter.

Pool Repairs for Winter Damage

How You Can Get Started on Pool Repairs Immediately While Waiting for the Pros The long, cold winter season can be hard on pools. Even with the right pool closing steps and precautions, you can’t always protect your pool from the harsh winter weather. If you notice any damage to your pool this winter, contact […]

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Get a head start on pool renovations so you can benefit from water exercise therapy.

The Benefits of Water Exercise Therapy

Get Your Pool Renovations Done Early So You Can Start Reaping these Benefits of Water Aerobics Water exercise therapy provides significant health benefits while being a low-impact alternative to other forms of exercise. These exercises are suitable for all ages and can help with recovery from injuries or degenerative joint and bone diseases. While water […]

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Pool closing means getting ready for heavy snowfall here in Canada!

Pool Care Tips for Heavy Snowfall

Here are Some Tips to Keep Your Pool Protected after Pool Closing Season After you’ve completed your pool closing process, you still need to keep an eye on your pool throughout the off-season. One winter culprit that can damage your pool cover and pool structure is snow. With constant heavy snowfall, you will need to […]

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Pool concrete repair tips to improve the look and functionality of your pool.

Coping: The Attractive Protector to Avoid Pool Concrete Repairs

Why Pool Coping Is Crucial to Prevent the Need for Pool Concrete Repairs If you plan to renovate or install an in-ground swimming pool, you will need to explore your pool coping options. Pool coping is an absolute necessity for in-ground swimming pools and here’s why. Pool coping provides both functional and aesthetic benefits for […]

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