We open swimming pools in time for the summer.

Relax and let us take care of opening your pool for you.

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Ahh—springtime in the Ottawa Valley! The snow is melting, the tulips are starting to poke their way up through the thawing ground, and it’s time for some spring cleaning. But the most exciting part of all is that swimming season is just around the corner—but is your pool ready for you to dive in once the hot summer days roll around?

“Are you ready for the summer? . . . Are you ready for the good times?”

Each spring (April and May), our team of professionals will get your pool summer ready!

Our pool opening service begins by pumping the water off your pool’s winter cover, removing the winter plugs, and reinstalling return fittings and skimmer parts. Next, we’ll reinstall any deck equipment, plugs in the pump and filter, and the filter pressure gauge. Once these things are complete, we will then start the system and monitor how well it operates. The final step is to add the starting chemical kit and test the system to make sure all equipment works properly without any leaks.

Professional Pool Opening Means Less Hassle for You

Given that your Spring “To-Do” list is probably full, having us do your pool opening means that you won’t have to worry about this important task. And because your pool opening is being managed by a professional, you can rest assured that should any complications arise we will handle them promptly to the highest degree of quality. So call us today to book your appointment and let the summer and pool parties begin!