Pool closing means getting ready for heavy snowfall here in Canada!

Pool Care Tips for Heavy Snowfall

Here are Some Tips to Keep Your Pool Protected after Pool Closing Season After you’ve completed your pool closing process, you still need to keep an eye on your pool throughout the off-season. One winter culprit that can damage your pool cover and pool structure is snow. With constant heavy snowfall, you will need to […]

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Pool leak detection and repair during the winter months can save you from frustrating downtime in the summer.

5 Pool Leak Detection and Repair Tips for Winter

Prepare Yourself with Our Winter Checklist for Pool Leak Detection and Repair Pool leak detection and repair are much easier in the summer than during the winter months. But leaks during the winter can cause severe damage if ignored. When the water level drops, the pool cover, liner, deck, and the entire pool itself risk […]

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Pool maintenance tips for the winter from HB Pools.

Don’t Forget to Leave Water in Your Pool This Winter

Why Proper Pool Maintenance and Closing Require Leaving Water in the Pool Over the Winter Months With the pool season almost over, it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance for the winter months. If you’re new to pool closing, you might plan to drain the pool entirely since you don’t want the water freezing […]

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Where HB Pools Originally Got Its Name

Have you ever looked at our logo and thought; why the HB initials? While some initially think that it is perhaps the first initials of our names, once we introduce ourselves as Fred and Jeremie, that theory pretty much goes out the window. So if the initials have nothing to do with our name, why […]

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