HB Pools COVID-19 Procedures,

Last updated: March 25, 2020

Dear Customer, 

Like all of you, we’ve been monitoring the evolving global impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID‑19) and are continually consulting with Canadian health authorities. At HB Pools, we value the safety of our customers and our employees, that is why we would like to share what we have been doing in our operation to uphold that commitment.

 Standard procedure:

We ask that all employees who are feeling unwell or have any symptoms such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or pneumonia to stay home and follow protocols from Public Health. 


 At the warehouse and office: 

To promote a more hygienic environment, we have placed hand sanitizers in crucial areas. We also have constant reminders about the importance of handwashing. We clean all door handles and frequently used items.  

 We promote social distancing: 

All office staff is required to work remotely from home or in a separate room. 

All technicians will be required to start at a different time to avoid social encounters.

Any service technicians working in a group of 2 will be required to use two separate vehicles when possible and keep their distance from one another.

 Before a service: 

We are disinfecting all service trucks before use.

We manipulate all products and equipment with gloves when possible; otherwise, we disinfect them before use.

 When we service: 

For your safety and the safety of our employees, we ask that customers, friends, children, and pets stay inside the house during the service.

If you must talk to our technician, we recommend you call them; otherwise, allow for a distance of 6 feet between yourself and our technician for any in-person discussions.

 After every service: 

 After every service, we will disinfect any surface that was touched by our technician to ensure the safety of you and your family