HB Pools is the proud official supplier for Coverstar™ Automatic Safety Covers in the Ottawa region.

By installing an automatic safety cover as part of a pool renovation, you can improve your pool’s safety, cut down on maintenance costs, keep the water clean, and keep your pool ready for use at a moment’s notice. Best of all, these covers are good year-round, rain or shine.

10 Reasons Why Automatic Pool Covers Are A Good Investment

Slows Down or Stops Evaporation

Cuts Down on Chemical Use

Helps Your Swimming Pool Retain Heat


Keeps Out Leaves, Twigs and Yard Debris

Less Maintenance

Saves Money

Cuts Down on Energy Costs

Can Help With Safety


Conserves Water

Ease And Convenience Of Use

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover

Built to last

Pool covers accumulate wear and tear season to season. But Coverstar™ systems are built to last, with proprietary PowerFlex™ rope and patented heat-sealed webbing used in their Eclipse™ UltraGard III™ fabric boasting exceptionally long life and durability.

A brand you can trust

With a Coverstar™ Automatic Safety Cover, you know that you’re getting an innovative and reliable product tailored to your needs as a customer.